Custom cabinet design and fabrication - made in NY.

Here at BOSS Cabinetry, we offer homeowners something unique: 

Not only do we offer custom kitchen cabinetry, but we also manufacture the product, design for the public, and sell directly to the public - while simultaneously handling all the odds an ends, guiding you throughout the entire process.

 We are a seamless kitchen cabinetry maker, manufacturer and distributor.


At Boss Cabinetry, we understand that a big part of the home improvement process is searching for the best product at the lowest cost - a dilemma many homeowners face.


Option 1: The homeowner calls a contractor…

The contractor's main goal is to do the construction work; however, they lack the ability and knowledge to design and create the kitchen and surrounding areas. They will purchase materials from a kitchen design firm, which will in turn purchase the cabinetry from a kitchen cabinet manufacturer and the countertop from a countertop fabricator.


Option 2: The homeowner calls a kitchen design firm…

The kitchen design firm's main objective is to design the kitchen and surrounding areas. They will subcontract the work to a contractor, and they will purchase the cabinetry from a manufacturer as well as the countertop from a countertop fabricator. Again, the homeowner will be paying more than they should in order for everyone to make money.

home depot

Option 3: The homeowner calls the big box stores (e.g. Home Depot, Lowes)…

The big box stores will poorly design the kitchen and surrounding areas due to lack of knowledge with limitations on customizations. They will subcontract the installation and the countertops. The project will be processed with a standard system with no flexibility, so the homeowner will pay for lower quality cabinetry and more for the contractor and the countertop fabricator.

What did Boss Cabinetry do to eliminate this dilemma?

  • The homeowner pays less for top-quality cabinetry because are dealing directly with the manufacturer
  • The homeowner will pay less for the construction because they are dealing directly with the contractor
  • The homeowner will also be paying less for the countertop because they are dealing directly with the countertop fabricator


  1. Meet the homeowner to gather important information about their lifestyle, and how the kitchen could enhance their life.
  2. Create a detailed plan to be followed for construction, plumbing and electric.
  3. Guide the homeowner with color choices, style and discuss in detail many options available for countertop materials, flooring, etc.
  4. Manufacture kitchen cabinetry in-house.


Our team is excited to hear about your upcoming kitchen cabinetry project.
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